Yesterday I started to watch again the Xflixx GrindingItUp videos and I found his bankroll management interesting. Since I also started with a bankroll of $80 I decided to follow his rules. Which says as soon I have 4 buyins for the level above I will take a shot. So when I reached $100 I took $20 from my bankroll onto 4 tables of 5NL.


Now that did not work out well this time I was up like 10 bucks pretty early but ended up loosing the $20. So I'm almost back to the $80 I started with. Graph looks like this:


But I really liked that bankrollmanagement and I will continue using that in these early stages since it helps moving up quicker.

Now time to hit the tables and get back to that $100 so I can take a shot again!

What bankrollmanagement do you use?