Hello everyone , my name is Simion Alexandru , and I've been playing online poker for about 4 years. I mostly play on pokerstars , user id : Ciki89 , and I can tell you that throghout my 4 year poker career , I've experienced ups and downs , big thrills and big dissapointments , the kind of stuff that makes your blood pumping, and I'm hooked ever since.  I have many highlights  playing on pokerstars , but the most memorable for me is when I managed to build up my bankroll to about 600 $, playing 2.50 Sng , and decided to give a try at some high ( for me ) buy-in Mtt , the Big 55 $ . So  as the starting time of the tournament approached I was nervously awaiting to be seatted thinking  about the high level players I'm going to encounter. So the tournament starts , I'm seatted with a couple of goldstars , platinum stars , and even a supernova , so in my head I'm thinking  I'm now a small fish swimming with the sharks. I decide that my best approach is a tight agressive play , in my mind this being the best solution to survive. In theory it was a good idea , but after the first break , I was left with about 60 % of my starting stack , and not so many hands played . So I decided that it's time to change my game plan , since my thight-aggresive play didn't have any effect on that table , probably most of the players on the table figured my strategy . So next hand I'm dealt  8 9 suited  in Sb , one players makes a min raise , everybody fold , I decided to make a re-raise  , guy calls , flop comes 7 10 J  , and I'm thinking , that the poker gods are on my side , I make a 1/2 pot raise , guy re-raises me , I shove ,  he calls , he shows A J , so now I'm thrilled , turn comes 6 , river A , so now I double up . So now I'm sitting pretty good , played a few hands , won some small pots , after 10-12 hands , I get dealt A A in BB position , and I'm thinking it's my big moment , the chipleader seated Utg makes a min raise , guy in middle position re-raises , and I re-raise again , the chip leader shoves , guy in middle position calls , after about 20 seconds I call . Chip leader shows Q Q , guy in middle position shows K A , flop comes  Q 3 5 , so I'm thinking I'm out, considering I only had  one ace left in the deck of cards , turn comes 4 , so my chances increase a little hoping now for a 2 or A , river comes A , and I'm screaming "Yeeeeeeeeees" , being the new chip leader at the table , the small fish brought down the big sharks .  After about 3 hours of game play we reach the last places paid , so I'm happy  I managed to get Itm in my first big Mtt , and now hoping for a big pay day. But as the hands went by , wasn't able to win any major pots , ran card dead for a while , and finally after being reduced to a 16 blinds stack , I call an all-in with A Q , the other guy shows K K , and after a bad board for me I'm out.
The reason why I say this is my most memorable pokerstars moment is that this was my first big buy-in Mtt ,  and I managed to overcome my nerves , and actually bring my A game to the table , even though I wasn't able to win some big $ , I managed to finish the tournament with a great feeling , that I did my best , and played some good poker.
So to anyone who wants to experience poker at it's best , I strongly recommand to give pokerstars a try , and I promise you , that it will have you hooked from day 1 . Cheers and good luck at the table.