We had a great series in November with this festival of knockouts! I was trying to do my best since in September and October I got few points and I was going down from the neighbourhood of the first 10 positions of the annual leadeboard.

Getting 10 points for each knockout was boosting my overall points with 320 points. I also won 2 tournaments, got in 2nd place twice and in 3rd place three times, for a total of 880 points.

Target fullfilled!

It seems that I have irritated some of the league players. I knockout one guy with K 10 against AA all-in preflop at the final table of the Highroller. It happens some time to receive one K on the flop and a 10 on the river. I was not the one dealing the cards! And this is not an excuse for commenting that I am a Romanian! I am usually not responding to such comments as it might be difficult on a tablet or mobile phone.

Apart from getting a lot of points, I also doubled my bankroll!

Congrats to Pokerstars for the Sports betting section. I used the 5 dollars freebet on the match Real Madrid - FC Barcelona and I won over 9 dollars very easy and very fast. The next day I made another bet, that Federer will beat Djokovic in the ATP Finals final. Didn't work this time and lost 5 dollars!

Anyhow, it seems that December will be a great month to play on Pokerstars. And I have a decent banckroll to play on it!

Good luck everyone!