I choose it because I have a private PLO tournament this evening, so I thought some hints from Joe Hachem will be really helpful. He played a session of cash PLO 25 6 max, meaning the stakes were $0.10/$0.25 with a max buy-in of $25. It was not so good for tournament play, but the video was supposed to be watched by beginners like me. Unfortunatelly, being a continuous sesssion (no cuts) there were only few hands Joe Hachem could play. He has a lot more restrictive range of starting hands, but I understand why he did not played the cards he folded preflop. Also, I understand now better to select my hands and to push with good hands and in position. Because Joe played only several hands, people at the table wondered if he is the real Joe Hachem playing. They wanted to play with and outplay him, but Joe finished the 34 minute session with almost the same stack. So no win, but no loose either. I understand also the importance of building a stack in PLO, so you might play preflop some not so good hands just to find a way postflop to win pots and increase the stack. 


P.S. I won my private tournament!