Well week 2 is over and what a great week it was.  Continued to make new friends at the Poker School as well as increased my bankroll by placeing 2nd in the new depositor tourney, winning a cool $120.00.  What an awesome promotion for a deposit as little as $10 you get 10 chances to really improve your bankroll.


1) Several people purposely out to ruin PSO for everyone else.  Really sad to see adults try to ruin it for people trying to learn.  Shame Shame Shame. 

2) The rust continues to come off, but I need to work on my reads, more then once thought someone was bluffing only to get bitten hard by a made hand.

3) Starting to mix my starting hands up and it is paying dividends.

4) Love watching some of the better players play - learning so much from them

5) Still can't believe how many people chase flushs/straights with any 2 cards - wonder if they have ever looked at ho many chips they lose compared to win when they chase and call any bet to the river hoping for that last suited card.  Chasing when pot odds in your favor is one thing.... Blind chasing is insane imo.

6) LOL - wish people would stop calling the river a poker stars fix.  If the flop was dealt facedown and they bet turn then river then final street flop was turned face up, then we would hear the screaming about the flop being rigged, I am sure.   YES it sucks to lose on the river, but you should be betting on  your hand and chance that you improve and chance your opponent improves on the river, not assume your AK of hearts is the nuts when the board reads 5 6 7 of clubs... chances are your ak is going to lose in that situation so shoving at that point is just insanely stupid

7) Looking  forward to making more friends in the league this week and strengthening my play at the same time.