So I am playing the PSO and get moved to a new table just as we are approaching the bubble.  Much to my surprise, people at the table first fold to increase the chip stack of one player so he can make the money bubble and then they purposely use time delay tactcs to help another player make the money.   As it was he placed 164th and the cut was 162.  And brag in chat they are doing it.

To say this disgusted me is an understatement.  I realise as new as I am that for some people it hurts to see online  friends not make the cut, but collusion is collusion and is unfair to the players like myself who thought the PSO was to help develop my skills.  Not to help a few "entitled" players make it higher on the ladder with moves that have nothing to do with skill.  Cheating is Cheating, even if it is for a fraction of a point.