March 13 - Still a couple of PSO Games to go but otherwise week 1 is done.  Talked to some nice people already and enjoying the tournaments for the most part.

Observations so far

1) People beating me on river seems abnormally high.  Will watch to see if there is a trend or if I am overstating value of my hands.
2) Many of the top ranked in league sit out 80% of the tournament to get points.  Makes it hard to see who is worth watching to learn from and who is just abusing the point system to make a few bucks each month.
3) Many a person calling others donks that need to look in mirror
4) Many complainers about losing to 'weaker hands' that need to learn what percentages mean.  80% means that you will lose 20% of the time  not that you will win every time.  But if played properly you will make money off the hand in the long run.
5) enjoying my stay on pokerstars so far, looking forward to having a better week with the cards.