Welp, it was due to happen sooner or later. After spending 3 years building up my bankroll to a large size, it's gone. Within the course of 2 months, my bankroll dropped from $350-$250, then from $250-$70, then from $70-$5, then grew from $5 to $11, then dropped to literally 28c. I am out of money.

Why did this happen? I've been thinking about it, and I think it's a combination of reasons:

1) Playing beyond my bankroll and skil level. Last month, with the reintroduction of the $1,000,000 Spin N Go tourneys, I starte to play $5 ones to get a shot. I started losing more and more of my bankroll, as I kept losing hands where I was a 55-70% favourite and winning nothing. When I dropped low enough, I starte playing $7 spin-n-gos to counteract that, something which just ate up my bankroll quicker (although honestly, I think I did better in those).

2) Tilt/multi-tabling. I've learned that even with a HUD, I play worse when multitabling. I don't get good reads on opponents and get too hasty. I made several bad plays. Worse, when I tilt, I tend to register for more tournaments in a bad mood, causing me to get impatient and make plays (almost) as bad as these other players. $5 tournament and one guy shoves his 25bb stack first hand? When I'm playing fine, I fold unless I have TT+ or AT+. On tilt? I'm calling with most pairs and any two face cards, which is way too variant even when these people are literally shoving every hand. This also helped kill me.

3) Bad luck in general. Twice when I was down to below $10, I registered for $3 spin n gos, which I find much easier to beat. Twice I spin $18 jackpots and get a 2:1 chip-lead once we're heads up. Twice I lose, and one of those was when the other guy snap-called big 3-bet shoves with a weak suited J preflop. There's nothing else that could be said.

Now, I'm not COMPLETELY out of money. I still have $190 in CDN on my account, most of that from VPP milestones or freerolls, but a little bit came from deep runs in MTTs. However, I've told myself multiple times that I wouldn't touch the funds I convert to CDN - that would stay there until I cashed it out, and I'm not cashing out until after I get bonuses I can't achieve if I've cashed out. So this is my gameplan from now on:

a) Stop being such a tiltable idiot and stop getting addicted to big Spin-n-Gos. Those are what killed my bankroll. Never play more than the $3 spin-n-gos, and even then wait until you have over $100 so you can actually take a hit. Similarly, don't play any Sit-n-Go with a buy-in greater than $3.50, and don't play any MTT with more than a $4.40 buy-in unless you satellite.

b) Until you build up your bankroll again some, stick to frerolls and FPP tournaments. The only good thing that came with the loss of my bankroll is that I did get SilverStar for this month, and I have over 1500 fpps stored in my account. I'm playing Skill Leagues again, and until I get enough through leagues and freerolls, that's all I'll be playing.

c) Stick with 2NL when you play cash games. Although I COULD beat 5NL, the variance was much greater and the players were trickier and harder to read. I need to go back to 2NL to recollect the basics.

But until I achieve b), I'll be saying goodbye to real-money games for now. The loss was 80% my fault for not managing my bankroll (and 20% Pokerstars' RNG's fault for getting WAY too many suck-outs when I was in 70-30 situations). I have to get better at that in the future.