So last night, I did it again. My 3rd non-sng final table over 4 months. And I must say, this was almost more effort than it was worth.

I had finished a draft for a take-home final, and so I decided to start up a tournament. I took a look at one - it was a $2.75 buy-in, labeled "deepstack." I took a look at the structure and thought, "well, it starts at 10,000 chips, but the blinds start at 25/50 with a 5 ante, which is only 200bb. I've played deeper that don't last too long. Besides, the blind jumps seem large, and 15 minute levels aren't that huge. That, and I only expect us to get around 350 people or so. It'll last until 2 AM at the worst."

How wrong I was. We got up to 535 runners, paying out 81. It took until midnight for us to even burst the bubble. That, and I didn't pay attention and see that the blind jumps got smaller at later levels - or that the blinds increased to 20 and even 30 minute levels later on, which are INSANELY slow for online poker. But that's getting ahead of myself.

I played slowly but well for the first little while. I had noticed that recently, I was playing too LAG for the low stakes I'm at, so I played a deeper tournament to get me back to the basics. And it seemed to work for the most part - I was staying ahead in hands and not getting too out of line. Here are some interesting hands:

I raise KJo in middle position with 30bb behind, and a bad 29/15 player with less than 20bb comes along on the button. Over 82 hands, he has a 100% c-bet call statistic. The flop is AA9, two diamonds. I have the J of diamonds, and I c-bet because I didn't have tons of hands on him at the time, but I knew he liked to call a lot. He calls, and I know right away that he could have ANYTHING here - I small pocket pair, a flush draw, or even literally nothing. So I think that KJo could still be good, and I plan to shove any turn. Turn is Qs. I put him all in, he snap-calls with QJhh.

He called the c-bet on an AA9 flop with Q-high, no draws. My gutshot straight doesn't come. I'm crippled to 14bb.

I manage to crawl back up by 3-bet shoving ATo against a new guy, who snap-calls with J9hh. What awful players for a deep-stacked tourney.

But then I get my revenge. The 29/15 guy from earlier raised 3x to 4200 utg 2 spots from the money with 18bb behind. With AKdd in the big blind, I 3-bet to 9200, which he calls. I flop the world - J-high flush. J43 all diamonds. Because the guy has been calling c-bets all the time, I put him all in there on the flop.

He snap-calls with KQhh, no diamond. I yell "SUCK IT" as he becomes the bubble boy from his awful, awful call, and after almost 4 hours we're finally in the money, and I have a good 65bb to play with.

It's about at this point that I skype-call a friend of mine to stream with, just to help keep me awake now that I'm in the money. There's $250 for the winner, and I want that cash, so having someone to talk with and discuss things. It helps - over the next hour and a half, I stay awake as I talk to him. But then he has to sleep around 2:00, and I'm alone. Things happen such as a Russian slow-rolling me with AA preflop, or the same guy using his entire 4 minute time-bank before calling a cold 4-bet shove with ATs.

I make a bad play at one point - the big stack in the tournament is an awful, awful LAG player.  46/21 over 81 hands, they commonly do things like open-shove or 3-bet shove preflop over 90bb deep, even doing it with AQ at one point with 155bb. They also liked to overshove 10x the pot on the flop with hands like bottom or middle pair. And this is a VERY SLOW deepstack tournament. So eventually, I get tired of it. I raised 2. in the cutoff with 99, my stack is about 64bb deep. Well, said LAGfish 3-bet shoved 153bb behind me. At this point, they're a top 3 stack. I've had enough, and I call them with my 99.

This was a bad play, because I'm risking over 60bb for what is nearly always a flip. And of course, they have AKo. But they wiff, I double up, they're down to 90bb, and they start overshoving preflop several hands in a row. They eventually do themselves in by calling an overshove of 10 times the size of the pot on an AJ4 two diamonds flop with the KQdd - those 12 outs are NOT enough to call a shove that deep.

Then, eventually, after several huge battles, it happens - I make it to the final table with 739,000 chips at around 2:50 in the morning, blinds at 2400/4800 with a 480 ante. I'm currently 3rd in chips, with the stacks ranging from 105,000 to 1.6 million. So although 1st has twice my stack size, I have a good chance of winning the whole thing.

Ten minutes later I fall asleep.

I wake up at about 5:40 in the morning, and I realize what happened. "Oh no!" I say. "I'm at the final table! Please tell me I didn't bust out..." I get my computer out of standby mode, revealing what happened - 3 players had busted over 2.5 hours, and I was now the short stack with about 140,000 left, blinds at 5k/10k, 1k ante. I start to laugh; I was asleep for 2 1/2 hours and I'm NOT out?! I don't even know how that happened!

I retake my seat, and another guy is also apparently sitting out from how late it is. I fold a little bit and another one gets busted before commenting on how being asleep for 2.5 hours wasn't even enough to eliminate me. The bigstack to my right, who was the chipleader at the start of the table, now has 2.5 million and comments, "I know, right? It's been taking forever."

Two hands later, I get AQo. I get a raise and a call behind me from villains who are 31/23 and 36/10 over 246 and 333 hands, respectively. With 11bb left, I have no other option - I shove, and get snap called by both guys who had JJ and K9o. K9o flops the nut full-house and busts us both, leaving himself with 2.1 mill, the leader with 2.4 mill, the sitout with 800k, and busting myself in 5th place around 5:50 in the morning, so I take home $71.

It was a good run, but I should have analyzed how long the tournament was going to take. 2.5 hours asleep at the final table and STILL having a reshove stack once you come back is insanely slow. It'll be something I pay more attention to in the future.

But that's my 3rd final table (not counting SNGs) in 4 months, which is a good record. Hope to keep it up after finals. Christxof AKA Christopher teh backwards fox OUT