Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post. But I was busy and stuff - University had started for me, I had a lot of writing and assignments to get started on, and most importantly, I was having a BIG month for poker.

I had kind of a disappointing Dec. 2014. Despite a deep run in the Sunday Storm (still happy with cashing for over $50 when I got in on a $2.20 satellite), I followed that up with my last live tournament being a big $130 money sink - that was entirely my fault. First I was out within the first 20 minutes with the following hand:

Blinds 25/50. UTG limp, plus two other limps. I look down at QQ and raise to 300. Guy directly to my left 3-bets to 1,000. UTG limper cold-calls, other limpers fold. I SHOULD have 4-bet shoved with my QQ here, or just called instead, as my stack was only around 9000. Instead, I 4-bet small to 2,000, which never got anyone to fold. Flop was JJT, I c-bet small, causing the 3-bettor to tank-fold and the limper to check-raise shove on me with AJ. I couldn't fold despite knowing I was probably behind because I had already committed half of my stack.

Then I rebought, went to a new table, and within another 20 minutes I donked off 1/2 my stack. Regular fish raised utg, and I 3-bet with AKo in the big blind. He called, and when I tried to c-bet 1/2 pot on the flop, I accidentally c-bet POT instead. When the guy calls, that should be an instant hint that I'm behind, but I still fire a 2nd barrel anyways, which is also called. I give up on the river, he shoves and I fold. He tells me later that he had KK. Less than 20 minutes after that, I overplay A5o that flops an open-ended straight draw. I get check-raise shoved on by a limper with 59o, giving him the same open-ended draw, and he rivers 1 pair to bust me.


But that awful tournament isn't what this post is about. This post is about THIS month.

First off, I started with 6 $1.50 STT of varying speeds. 3 I lost, 3 I cashed in (1 3rd, 1 2nd and 1 1st) for a $3.01 profit. Not bad, but the satellites and MTTs I played cost me $1.28 of that. But then I played a $2.20 satellite for 76c, which I won. And then I played the $2.20.

Best. Tournament. Ever. I made good plays, my cards managed to hold up, and I even managed to identify a stop-n-go play, which I snap-called with A-high. I was right, of course - the guy had J-high. This led to only my 2nd final table in a scheduled MTT ever, and in a 3000+ entrant tournament. Unfortunately, my final table lasted only about 20 minutes, as I came in as a short stack and ran AQo into a LAGfish's AKo - I turned a Q, but he rivered Broadway, so I was out in 8th. Still, $85 was my best cash so far.

That's also not to mention all the Spin N Go's I've played. I think I've really gotten addicted to them - it's been 1 month and I've already spent $300 just on them - but with a $32 profit. The fact that just two days ago I managed to hit a 0.5% chance, hit a 10x spin n go and win $30 from it helped a lot.

This has led to the following profits so far this year:

1) 166 cash game hands, profit of (-$0.1.

2) $104.92 in STT and MTT entry fees, $190.43 in winnings for a profit of $85.51 (81.5% ROI)

3) 10.67% ROI in Spin N Gos.

Because of these upswings, and my bankroll which has increased to over $350 now, I've made the following adjustments to my game plans:

1) I've now decided to, on the rare occasion I actually play a cash game, move up to the 5NL level, as I can now afford it. 5NL is a little tougher, but only because LAGs are more common.

2) I am no going to make $3.50 STTs my standard, partially due to my bankroll, but also partially because I hate the changes made to the $1.50 turbos. I'll still play $1.50s occasionally, though.

3) With MTTs, I will now play up to $3.30 tournaments without winning satellites to them. Still no word as to whether I'll be doing the same with the Big $4.40, but it's unlikely for now.

I'll be playing a bit of a live cash game tonight after my birthday dinner, so we'll see how that goes. But I'm feeling optimistic.