Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post, mostly because of schoolwork. However, there's a lot to talk about since that time.


First off, the new Spin n Gos - at first, I wasn't sure about them, because I sucked so badly at heads-up for the longest while, but at the same time I thought they would be great practice for short-handed play. So I tried them out.

Long story short, I got flipping addicted to them - even after I cut down the number I played, I've still played a total of 485 Spin n Go games since they were introduced (most of them $1, but a few dozen were $3). I've spent $646 playing them so far over the past couple of months, and I've gotten back a profit of $680 - a $34 profit (ROI of 5.26%). It was almost as much as I've spent on other online tournaments over the entire year - so much that for the first time, I've both reached Chrome Star status AND obtained the 750 VIP $10 reward.

I've realized that these games are definitely beatable, but the low ROI probably is a turn-off for most. They should not be used for grinding unless you're REALLY good and can handle big swings - however, they're good for fun and VERY good for practicing short-handed play.

On a separate note, out of the 400 or so $1 games, I've only had 2 with a prize of $10, and I lost both of them (although I've had plenty of $6 games, and I've won quite a few of those).


Finally, last night I returned to playing a few STT SNGs. And that's when I noticed something - they changed the $1.50 Turbos, and ONLY the $1.50 Turbos (higher-stake turbos and other $1.50 games were unchanged). Now the blinds raise at a slightly less-steep pace (50->80->100->120, rather than the old 50->100->150->200), but at the same time, antes start IMMEDIATELY once the game starts. It was so bad that I thought I was playing a hyper-turbo until I realized how big our stacks were!

I managed to finish 3rd in the tournament, but that's not great considering I was the overwhelming chip-leader from 7 to 3-handed (runner-runner full-house to crush flopped nut straight, anyone?). Also, I am not a fan of this new style - it feels as if you have to start playing more aggressively at the start, which is against classic SNG style.

What do you guys think of the new form (those who still play at the $1.50 level, that is)?