Because of a deal I made with my father, I stopped by the casino this Friday to try the slower, $100 buy-in weekend tourneys they offer. These tend to be bigger, and have 25 minute blind levels instead of 20 minute. Normally these are outside of my live bankroll range, but my dad bought 40% of my action for this tourney.

Unfortunately, almost immediately I make a mistake that I don't realize until twenty minutes in - my ticket says Seat 2, Table 4, and I took seat 2 on table 14 by accident. There was confusion, but eventually I just traded tickets with the guy who actually had my seat, so everything worked out.

There are two things I notice about this table: 1) There are ALWAYS two LAG players to my left, even when someone busts, and 2) in seat 7, there's a woman in sunglasses I've seen at the tables before. She is a horrendous player - she loves calling huge bets and limping with marginal hands preflop, she loves limping with GOOD hands too, and she will snap-call overbets on the flop with only a naked flush draw. Worse, she's a luckbox, so after an hour she's got all the chips.

Something I notice is that I got an almost ridiculous amount of actual good hands this tournament. I had Kings in the first three orbits, and although I only got one call, it worked out when he folded on an TAT flop.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty much dead until a few hands before the end of break. In the last 4 hands before break ended, I got KK and AA. Result was the same with them both times - I raise, get one caller, and they fold to my c-bet. Oh well. At the end of 1st break, I'm up to 14,000 from a starting 12,500, which will amount to 35bb after the break.

Unfortunately, after break everything starts going downhill. It starts after a guy gets crippled to less than 300 chips. I raise the next hand with AQs, which he calls with 63o due to having less than 1bb left, and he turns a straight. I don't mind it that much, except he doubles up again next hand, and the hand after his AQs beats my 99, so suddenly I'm down to around 12,000 again and he's back up to 8,000.

Then, at the 300/600 level, it happens. With about 14,000 left in my stack (I got some small pots), I get a couple of limpers behind me and I raise to 2700 with AKo. The LAG player (he raised J8s in front of a limper earlier), looks down, thinks for about 40 seconds, then 3-bets me to 5700. It's folded around, and although the bet-sizing and few physical tells I pick up on signal that he's strong, a 24bb stack isn't deep enough to fold AKo to, so I shove. He snap-calls with KK, and the board blanks.

It was an unfortunate way to end, especially since top prize was $1800 that night and I actually had a streak of good cards, but it just wasn't to be I guess. It'll be a long while before I play another live game, so I'll be getting practice before that.