Hey guys. No full recollection of a live tourney this time - I played a couple, but they went poorly, and I wasn't focusing too much on individual hands. However, there is some other news:

1) PSO Series of Poker going poorly. This is pretty upsetting, seeing as how I started off well, but just haven't been keeping it up. I've learned that I'm a pretty big fish at Omaha hi/lo (especially 5-card), but PLO is still a decent game for me. But worse is blind vs blind battles easily being in my favour and almost never working out. (Seriously, KiwiHeritage - trying to steal from the small blind with a weak suited Queen is fine, but snap-calling a reshove with it?) The worst part is I'm no longer in the top 30, and I'd need a couple more final tables to even have a shot there. I want a free MicroMillions ticket, plz.

2) Premier League Qualifier going well. This one is different - I finally decided to try to play the Premier League Qualifier seriously. And overall, it hasn't been that bad. Sure, there were some bubble spots and disappointing finishes, but I got 2 final tables over just 6 games, which is easily enough to get me into the Premier League for next month. I've also learned some things about the differences between the Qualifier league and the Open league: a) Tight play is still preferable, but you shouldn't be NEARLY as tight as in Open league, simply because bust-outs aren't as often. You will need to win at least one big pot before the first break to have a good shot. b) Because there are real money prizes, players take the bubble way more seriously, and it seems more likely that players are playing for the cash rather than the league points. c) Coming in 8th or 9th is almost as disappointing as 10th, simply because the bottom FT payouts aren't much bigger. Once you get to about 7th though, it doesn't feel as awful. d) You will run into people you've played against before a lot more often, especially if they're going for the points. I already have several PSO Series of Poker people I've played against, and one LAGfish who I've played against at least three games.

3) Live games not so well, but the spots I've been in are interesting. Let's take my last live game as an example - VERY early on, like first-level early, I'm dealt pocket Aces in the small blind. I raise standard against the limpers, and I believe I have two callers. The flop is something like Q65, and I c-bet, getting one caller. The turn is a 3, and I bet again, but I'm raised 4x to 2000 (we started with 9500). I probably shouldn't have called here, but I'm curious and make the call. The river is a 4, I check, and he bets quite small - only a bit more than 1000. This screams that he's begging for a call, and I fold aces face up. He shows 73o for a turned straight.

Then I had pocket Ts several orbits later, after I've lost about 1/3 of my stack. I called a large raise rather than 3bet, as I feel nervous about what he could have. But the flop is AQT - perfect. The raiser bets 600, and I raise to 1500 (which is pretty small, as the pot was about 1900 before his bet). Both the raiser AND a terrible girl who thought "raise with nothing, slowplay and call with Aces and Kings" came along. The turn was a blank, and as I only had 4000 left, I shoved. Unfortunately, everyone folded, but I'm back over the starting stack.

Then, last hand before break, I bust. The guy with 73o from earlier raises and I 3-bet with AKo from the small blind. He comes along, and the flop is A75. I c-bet and he instantly shoves over me. I start talking to him, and he says very confidently that he has me covered. I should have thrown my hand away at that instant - I knew from his tone and body language that he wasn't bluffing, meaning the WORST he could have here was AQ. Unfortunately, due to some frustration, muddled thinking, or maybe just desperation in an attempt to double-up, I tank call, and he turns over A7. He made a bad play making the call of the 3-bet, but my call of his shove was worse.


But overall, I'm having fun, and my results are getting slightly better after about a week-long dryspell. Christxof out.