Greetings, peasants*.

Please excuse my hubris and cockiness. I don't even really have the right to be so cocky, seeing as how I haven't been winning anything major, just minor little things. But unfortunately, my rungood has been such that I feel a little boasting may be called for.

So far, in the PSO March Madness series, I have been 5 for 5 in cashes, including 2 wins.

I think the main reason for this, however, has been good luck - that's not the only reason, but the fact that I kept winning most of my flips and even occasionally when I was dominated helped keep me alive and allowed me to gather a stack in each one. So far my results have included:

*2nd in Event 4 ($0.27 NLHE)

*1st in Event 6 ($1.10 Heads-up NLHE)

*4th in Event 8 ($0.55 NLHE)

*6th in Event 9 ($0.27 Stud Hi/Lo)

*1st in Event 10 ($0.55 + $0.10 Knockout NLHE), plus 11 KOs.

All this was in addition to a (min)cash in the Big Bang on Saturday. Now these results AREN'T enough to get me a top 10 spot for the end of the series (I'll need at least one more 2nd place to even have a shot). But they are a very good start, and a huge boost in confidence, especially in the Heads-up department, as I always considered Heads-up a weakness of mine (winning that tourney, especially knocking out Fadyen first round and beating spand in the finals, really made me happy).

I have noticed the following things, however, that I think helped me with playing in these PSO events:

1. Playing SLIGHTLY more Loose-aggressive than usual can be very profitable in the PSO Home games. This is because there are a LOT of very tight nits/rocks, especially in the middle stages. There are also quite a few standard loose-passive fish, though, so be careful and choose your spots carefully if you plan to go the LAG route.

2. I actually feel much more confident when playing heads-up if I'm the chip leader going into heads-up - it makes me feel like I already have an advantage (and I guess in a way I do). The problem is that I usually struggled to get to heads-up as the chip leader.

3. When playing 3-handed or heads-up, do NOT be afraid to call a little bit lighter than you feel comfortable with, especially if your opponent is short-stacked. Basically, if they've got 10bb or less and shove, any two face cards, any ace, and most pairs are good enough to call.

4. Collorary to 3, pocket pairs in general are VERY strong heads-up, and getting the money in preflop with any pair is profitable unless both players are more than 20bb deep - in fact, it's usually better to get the money in preflop than see a flop, as most will miss you.

That's all I really have to say about that. I've got some work to do at University this week, but I'll try to bink a couple more tournaments to cinch a top 10 spot.

*Surgeon's warning: I am aware that the actual definition of peasant is a rural professional farmer, usually struggling financially, and that (most) of the people reading this do not fit this description. If you or someone you love is actually a real peasant, one, you are applauded for helping with agricultural needs of humanity, and two, please stop playing pokerr so you can make sure that ends meet for you and your family. Thank you.