After a breakfast of Waffles, I sat down to play the Sunday Storm. I had won a seat in a 5FFP rebuy tourney, and decided to take my shot. I'm moved tables almost instantly as I sit down, and I move tables. I get no hands during the first level, but I do start to get reads on the table. I'm at seat 4: Seat 9 is a chronic limper who finds raises scary; seat 3 is a LAG who raised utg with 10-2s, yet never cbet; seat 8 was aggressive, raising A-8o early on in the hijack; seat 5 was almost as bad as 9, calling raises with hands like K-4s, 6-4o.

Level 2 I see seat 8 call a c-bet blind vs blind with only one overcard and backdoor draws. This would have been important, but I move tables almost immediately after this.

This new table, first hand I get dealt A-Ks in the big blind. Utg+1 raises 3.5x, and so I 3-bet. He calls, and the flop is K-x-x, all hearts. Because I'm scared of a possible raise, I decide to check-raise instead. I manage to take it down this way.

The very next hand, I get pocket 7s. I try to setmine and whiff, and my cards go into the muck. I'm card dead for the rest of the level.

Level 3 came, and I soon get A-Ko again utg. I got AK a lot in this tourney. I raise, and the big blind calls. Even though I just moved about 10 minutes ago, I haven't seen the big blind (seat 2) play a hand yet. ANyways, the flop is J-7-6 rainbow. He checks and I c-bet half the pot. He calls. The turn is a blank, and when he checks, I check back. I spike a miracle K, and he checks again. This time I bet about 40% of the pot to try to get a call. I do - he had J-10s, and I take down another pot.

A couple of guys at the table were sitting out, so I made a steal with A-8o from middle position, as one was in the blinds. I managed to take it down. I also got some interesting reads - seat 8 was a big LAG-donk, and seat 5 was playing weak and was easily exploitable. I started the break with 6350 chips, up from the starting the 5000.

Level 4 came then, and I saw an amazing hand. Seat 6 called off a huge turn shove with A-6o or something like that on a A-Q-x-x board, two clubs. Seat 6 did not have a club, but seat 5 did - the king of clubs, as well as another Ace.

I soon had 9-10s in the big blind, and was considering calling a small raise due to the implied odds. But the raiser was seat 9, who was very loose-passive: this was literally the first raise he had made in 30 hands, even though he had limped 9 times before. So I had to fold.

I tried to set-mine against a cutoff raiser a few hands later with pocket 6s. The flop was 8-7-5. We check it down the whole way, and the turn and river are another 8 and another 7, respectively, and his K-10s which he never tried to c-bet or win the pot with took it down when my pair was counterfeited.

Once level 5 came, I got my best hand in a while - pocket 10s in the big blind! A LAG min-raised, and because he was making tiny bets post-flop all the time, I thought it was a great opportunity to 3-bet and play against him. But the small blind 3-bet first, which was his first. He hadn't played many hands, so I gave him credit and had to fold my 10s.

Seat 6, who had been playing tight, suddenly limped utg. I called with 8-6s in the small blind for a couple of reasons - 1, the big blind was sitting out, 2, the limp smelled fishy and I thought making a huge flop would get me paid off really big. But I whiff, and I check-fold the flop and turn. I also saw seat 9 defend out of position against a steal with K-2s, which was great to know. I also stole against the sitout one hand.

I played two more hands this level - K-Qo, I called a min-raise on the button. The flop was A-high and was all read, while my cards were black, so I folded. I also got pocket 9s utg and seat 9, the fishy button, called. The flop was K-Q-5. I should have checked here, but he had a large fold-to-cbet stat, so I made a c-bet. Mistake - he called. I checked the turn, and he bet 1/5 of the pot. Despite being so tempting, I still had an underpair. So I mucked.

Level 6, I only had a few hands: A-Qo. Seat 9 from earlier had limped, so I raised. He called, and the flop was 3 low cards. He checked and I c-bet, which he called. My c-bet stat on him seemed to be off - he wasn't folding to MY c-bets. I checked the turn and river, but he checked too - he had Q-Js, and I managed to take it away.

A few hands later, I saw a 3-way all-in. Two stacks, including seat 9 and 6, got 15bb in with A-Ks, and seat 2 called them with pocket Queens. The river a King, but it gives seat 2 the nut straight, so seat 2 eliminates them both.

I move tables again after this, and I'm back to seat 3 again. First hand, a guy limps utg. I've got A-Qo utg+1, so I raise to isolate. It works - the table folds, he calls, and I see a J-10-2 board, two clubs. He checks, I c-bet, and he SNAP calls. I have been getting NO respect with c-bets so far. The turn is the A of clubs and he bets again. I bet once more, intending to fold to aggression, a little less than 1/2 the pot, and he calls again. This time, the river's a blank. He checks and I check behind, as I have showdown value. He didn't have the flush - he had 2-pair, As and 2s, and he called a c-bet with bottom pair. Amazing play. I'm down to 26bb at this point, but the blinds go up, and it's soon closer to 19.

We reach level 7, and I start getting some reads at this new table. The same donkey who got two pair against me limped with A-Ko in a pot where 3 players already limped - there was then a short-stack shove and utg, who limped, isolation shoved, which the fish called. The short-stack had Q-Js, and utg had A-2s. Amazing plays, aren't they? I also see seat 7 raise pocket 10s 6x utg and 4-bet shove, and that seat 5 was as big a fish as seat 2.

I then get A-Ko with about 19bb left. The LAG utg min-raises, and I isolation shave. I get THREE callers - the pocket 10s guy, who was just crippled, called with... J-5s! The big blind, who was super-tight, called with... 7-8s! And the original raiser tank-called with... K-8o!?! So I have to survive THREE different players. I manage to survive the K-8o and keep 15bb, but both 7-8s and J-5s hit the board, and I'm short-stacked. The blinds go up the next hand, too, so it's really 10bb.

Level 8 I'm now looking for a spot to shove. I almost 3-bet shoved pocket 6s against a TAG utg min-raiser, but I didn't have ANY fold equity, which is the main reason to 3-bet shove small pairs. So I mucked them. I'm completely card dead this level, and I'm not even getting any spots. It finally folds to me in the small blind, and as the BB is sitting out, I steal his blind right before the break. But I'm still sitting on the break with 2475 chips left.

After the break, I shoved K-3s in the cutoff - the blinds were tight, and the button was still sitting out, so I take it down. Two hands later, I get A-10s, and I shove it. The button, who was playing tight, calls with the mighty A-6s. I river a full house, and I'm back up to over 6000 chips. Yay!

Level 9 arrives, and so I've got about 21bb. The cutoff min-raised, and I call in the big blind with pocket 5s, as I BARELY have the odds to setmine. The flop is 9-9-8. I should have check-folded all three streets, but instead I put out a small bet on the Q-turn, which is called. Should have figured - he had Q-3s.

A few hands later, I stole with 10-8s from the cutoff - the BB and button were sitting out.

Later, it was a Blind vs Blind battle. I called the big blind with A-7o. I got no help and had to fold.

Next hand, I'm down to 15bb again, and once more I get A-Ks! Utg limps, though, and he had been playing very well before that. Then the new guy at the table, a bigstacked utg+1, raises 4x. I 3-bet shove with A-Ks. Utg folds, fortunately, but the big stack calls with pocket 6s. The board gives me no help, and I'm out.

It was fun, but I was disappointed - I relied too heavily on my new HUD, and none of my c-bets got any respect. I should have realized this, but I didn't.