Alright, so next week is "reading break" at my University. It's kind of like Spring break, only it comes a couple of months earlier, and you're technically still expected to work and study during it (not sure how many people actually do, though). However, I think it's the perfect time to play a little poker and really focus (along with finishing projects).

First, however, a little background on the past couple of months. January and early February are not kind to me, MTT-wise. I haven't had a single deep run yet, which isn't too bad as I haven't played too many tourneys, but even my cashes are few and far apart - my last was over a week ago, and it was a mincash in a 15% payout $2.20 Turbo - not nearly enough to make up for my lack of results. STTs aren't faring great, but I'm at least keeping a small profit in them by consistently cashing (though I haven't had a win yet - Hyper-Turbos have great payouts, but that doesn't mean anything if you can't win).

That being said, I redownloaded a trial of Holdem Manager 2 a couple of weeks ago - I got around the 30 day limit because it doesn't check if you're using the same account but a different computer. I plan on finally buying it sometime this month, as even though I'm not sure about the stats, the hand replayer and statistics are REALLY useful.

That, and I started playing more cash games. I've been starting to take advantage of some kinds of players (Holdem Manager's stats seem more useful in cash games for some reason), and I've only had one losing session so far this year. That being said, that losing session was my largest session, losing about 40bb over 150 hands, most of which were in the first few against a Super-Lag who I couldn't continue my aggression with KK against when an A flops, as well as ill-timed c-bets.

But overall, I've been doing well in cash games despite not finding them as fun. Last year I played a couple thousand hands total, and managed a winrate of around 10bb/100 (although this is too low a sample to make it accurate). So far, out of 520 hands I've played this year, I have a winrate of 22.8bb/100! It'll probably go down with time, but still!

Also, I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again: I think that the 2nl 6-max games are softer than the full ring games. I'm not totally sure why, but I think there are a few reasons - one, even though there's probably about the same number of fish, there's usually at least one at a table, and in 6-max, the fish seem more spewy preflop. Worse, they're a different kind of fish - the kind who play fit-or-fold on the flop. They don't lose tons of money at once if they miss, but they are incredibly easy for even a Ass-burger's donk like me to take advantage of. Also, playing 6-max makes it slightly easier to transfer to a LAG style, simply because you will have position so much more often.

But I digress. This blog was SUPPOSED to be about the future.

Simply put, I have two major plans to play big tournaments (for me) this week. First, my parents gave me a few birthday presents, but one of them was that they would pay for the buy-in of ONE live tourney, which I plan to take sometime this week. I'm not sure I want to do it Friday - that was a long time to play for only going through half the field. But I DEFINITELY want to play sometime this week, and I'll be sure to make another blog about my hands and the results. I'm taking quite a liking to JWK's weekly League blogs, and you could say they inspired me.

Secondly, for only the second time in my poker career, I'll be playing the Sunday Storm this weekend. The $11 buy-in is WAY beyond even my increased bankroll capacity, but I found away around that - a 5 fpp rebuy satellite. Somehow, spending only 25 FPP on rebuys, I managed to find my way to the top 17 out of a field of 495 super-loose maniacs and donks, making it my best tournament result in a long while. I'm celebrating by actually playing the tourney, rather than taking the $T. It's a great shot at boosting my bakroll, and I didn't pay anything for the satellite in the firsrt place.

I did not play my absolute best during the satellite, though. There were a couple of spots that were almost SURELY -EV, but I took them anyways due to my desire to accumulate chips of of people who spewed 40bb with A-rag or worse, unsuited gap connectors. This was no doubt when I got 15bb in preflop in a 6-way pot with K-Js, and then rivered 2-pair to quintuple up. It was a terrible move, but it gave me a chipstack I had a chance with. Also, a couple of times near the end, I called short-stacked shoves with A-Qo under the impression that I was only BARELY in a money spot, and that if any short stack doubled up or we lasted too long, I would NOT make it in. Fortunately, both time I had the short-stack dominated, both times I eliminated them, and both times I got a more secure spot in the top 17.

Because of this, I'll be playing the Sunday Storm in a few days, and I plan on making a blog about that one as well. Look forward to it, you (hopefully) won't want to miss it.