Had a weird poker-related nightmare last night. It shouldn't have even been a nightmare, but it was. And I think it's proof that I play too often.

In my dream, I had gone to see if I could play a heads-up 2NL cash game, which is unusual for me as I don't play cash games in general very often, and I've never played a heads-up cash game (I've only played a couple of heads-up tourneys). That's not the weird part, though - the weird part was that somehow, I got onto a 5NL 4-max cash game instead. I didn't realize until I had already sat down.

First hand I had something weird like 4-Qs or something like that in the big blind. I believed I checked my option, and the flop had two 4s on it. I thought it was great, and got all the money ($5) in on the flop against one guy - who had flopped quad 4s, despite being physically impossible. I didn't even register during the dream that it wasn't possible, I was just concerned that first hand at the table I had already lost an entire buy-in in a table that was beyond my bankroll - and some irrational logic made me think for a second I had used my entire bankroll.

Of course, I woke up this morning feeling fine and realizing it wasn't true, but I was shaken from such a weird dream - despite it not even being all that seriously.