2013 was an interesting year for me, poker-wise. I started playing more games, upped some of the stakes I played (not too much, though), and even took a 1-month break back in September. Overall, it was a very strange but good year. I can safely make the following conclusions:

1. I have much better results in single-table SNGs than MTTs, bigger SNGs or cash games, but I also find them more boring to play. That's kind of a dillemma.

2. My live results still stuck, and they're the entire reason I'm in the red for earnings.

3. December was a VERY good month for me, as I managed to make two final tables in MTTs within 2 weeks of each other (I placed 2nd and 4th in a $1 180-Man and a $1.10 250-cap tourney respectively, for $32 and $20 each). This helped bring my ROI for online tourneys up into the black this year.

4. The break I took in September did wonders for my patience, confidence, and time-management, and was proven by the day I came off of my break - won a SNG, won a ticket to the Big $2.20 for 32c, and made a deep run in that big $2.20 for over $13.

5. I only noticed this in the last month, but the 2NL 6-max cash games are MUCH softer than the full-ring, which I found strange. I played a few more sessions of these for that reason, and had mostly good results.

Overall, here are my results for 2013:

Cash Games:

Played a total of 35 sessions, 3 of which were 6-Max, for a total of 1610 hands, 135 of which were 6-max.

Total profit was $2.96, leading to a total of 9.2 bb/100 on average, which is good.

Online Tourneys:

Played 640 tourneys in total, costing a combined amount of $528. This also included the stakes I put up for Gareth and the stakes I took from others.

Winnings were a total of $573, making an ROI of 8.5%, most of which was from the last month and SNG wins.

Live Tourneys:

Played a total of 11 live tourneys. Didn't cash a single one, leading to a $825 defecit.


This makes my profits for the year a total of $47.91 for online only play. Including live sessions, this leads to a loss of -$777.09.

What a year. I probably won't be playing as often in the new year, however. Need to focus on studies.