After taking a break from live tourneys due to my terrible runs in them and the finals I had in University, I finally returned to play one today. I played fairly well until near the end, but there were some interesting things about it.

My local casino offers about 2-3 tournaments daily, depending on whether one of them is a major or not. The minors have buy-ins of $40 for morning, $50 for weekdays and Saturday at noon, $60 for weekday and Sunday evenings, and $100 for Friday and Saturday nights, as well as Sunday at noon. Blinds are 15 minutes for everything but the $100 tourneys, where blinds are 20 minutes, and every tournament has reentry for the first two levels, and a $5 add-on for an additional 1000 starting chips (it starts at 4000-7000 depending on the tourney). There are never antes, but blinds are super-quick - by the start of the second break (there's one every 75 minutes), blinds are at 1k/2k (they start at 25/25). So it becomes very luck-based by that point.

About 31 players played today at noon - that's a little low for usual, but not too bad. What's interesting is that these tourneys usually played 11-max per table, which is insane. But today, they reduced it to 10-max. That, and information revealed that tourney structure is changing starting the 26th (namely blind levels are 5 minutes longer, Saturday at noon is becoming a bigger tourney, and they're adding PLO tourneys tuesday nights).

We played 6-max for the first two levels due to uneven seat placement. Play went a little quicker than usual, but I was card-dead for the first level. Only had pocket 5s that whiffed. Picked up a little on level 2, where I got pocket Aces utg. Raising got me two callers, and I flopped top set! Unfortunately, no one called my c-bet. A little later, got A-Jo in the small blind, and one guy raised 5x in the cutoff. I flat-called, and he made a huge overbet on the 8-high flop. He flashed pocket tens as I folded, which was good information.

Level 3 I was card-dead again, and didn't get much action. Level 4, because I hadn't played a hand in a while, I raised A-5s in middle position. Unfortunately, I got 3 callers - including the cutoff and the small-blind who was just crippled to 1/8 of a BB the last hand. I flop a 5, and everyone folds to my c-bet, except the short-stack who was already commited. He had A-Q and rivered a Q. Oh well, still got around 800 chips from that. What's more interesting is that one of the guys almost called my c-bet with a gutshot draw, which he would have hit (he called in the big blind with 7-3o - LOL.

By the first break, I had 7700 chips from the starting 5000, but blinds would start at 200-400, so I had a little less than 20bb.

Fortunately, after the first break, play tightens up considerably (a lot less limping, except in blind vs. blind, where there was a LOT of limping). Managed to steal a couple of times, and my pocket 7s even hit a gutshot draw when no one bet (though it sadly couldn't get much money). I kept chipping up by stealing pots and making c-bets, which worked well.

Sadly, in level 7, it happened. With 13 players left, the guy to my left raised 2.5x utg. I was dealt pocket 6s in the big blind. I asked him to count his stack - he had about 11k, and I was sitting around 14k. I was worried because although he was one of the few to raise consistently, he usually did it with a big hand. Eventually, because it was 7-max, I reshoved. He snapped me off with pocket Jacks, and no help came. The blinds went up two hands later, too, so I'm down to 2.1k, which was 2.5bb at 800/400 level.

But then I got J-10o utg+1 a few hands later, which I shoved. The guy with 10s from earlier was in the big blind. Despite the fact that I had literally no fold equity and it didn't cost him much of his stack, he still folded after thinking for a minute, under the reasoning "I don't even have a face card, and I don't like to double people up". So I'm up to 3,3k. Yippee.

Then eventually I'm down to 2.1k again and shove K-5o on the button. The guy who crippled me earlier snapped with A-10o, and although I river a straight, it also gives him the club flush. I'm out in 12th.

I did well until the 66 hand, which I think I should have folded, especially with how long I took to make the decision. Oh well. I just came back home and quarupled up with Aces in the Hot $0.55 and made 3 sets in the Big $4.40 to quintuple up there, so it's all good.