For those that read my last blog you may recall that i said i was hoping to get my bankroll up from the $20 it stood at up to around $50 by the end of next month.  Well after a pretty good night i have reached that target already thanks to 2 good MTT runs.

The first was last nights Big $4.40, somehow i managed to make a deep run to 133rd whilst pretty much the entire tournament being stuck around 20-30 BBs. That gave me a nice return of $26.  The 2nd was one of the smaller $2.20 tournaments, which had a much smaller field of around 270. After a slow start i eventually managed to build my stack up and made it to the final table 2nd in chips(Quad aces with 19 left helped with that). Unfortunately the cards didnt co-operate and i busted out 7th for $17.

All in all a good night, onwards and upwards from here....hopefully