The last couple of years have not been kind to me at the tables. I won my first MTT back in January 2010, beating a field of 998 other players for a nice payday of $1250. Looking back now it was not a good thing to happen to me, it gave me a lot of false confidence in my abilities as a player. I withdrew some of it leaving myself with a good bankroll of $200, or it would have been a good bankroll if i had applied any sort of BRM. Instead i started playing buy-ins ranging from $1.20 to $11 and not doing too well in any of them, yet still buying in at these levels as my bankroll plummeted. This led me to the terrible mistake of playing the .10/.25 NL cash games to try and recoup some of my losses, and when that didnt go well moving up to .25/.50 trying to get a quick payday, bad bad idea, and by March/April i was down to playing 25c SNG's.

As the months went on i was playing less and less tournaments, cashing in very few of the ones i did play, which led to more and more frustration with the game(more accuratly my game), going on tilt easily and just generally not getting any enjoyment from playing.

By the time 2011 came around i was hardly playing at all, i must have played less than 100 tournament in the entire year, culminating in me playing my last hand on 18 Oct 2011, that was it, i was broke and said to hell with it, i wasn't going to deposit anything, i was done, i'd had enough.

Then earlier this month i happened to watch the 2011 WSOP Main Event and after watching a few episodes of it i decided to log onto Stars and have a go in some of the freerolls but it turned out i had 70c or so still on my account, so i decided to have a crack at a 25c SNG, which went well and i finished 4th. After that i thought to myself, i'll keep playing these and see how long i can make these few buy-ins last. So the next 6 i played i had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th, and i was enjoying myself playing again, bad beats werent bothering me, i was just focusing on playing.

Thats when i remembered about PSO, which i had long since forgotten about. I started watching some of the videos which helped me recognise some of the weaknesses in my game which im now working on improving.  I found the Cowboy Challenge which gave me something to aim for, and i can happily say that i am enjoying the game again.

My bankroll is now up to a healthy $20 or so, which from a starting roll of 70c less than 3 weeks ago i am more than happy with.  My next aim is to get it up to $50 and move up to the $1 45 man SNGs(skipping the 55c, im not a fan of turbos), Hopefully by the end of next month Here's hoping i can keep moving in the right direction.