Well, it would be nice if I could get to play when my coffee is fresh, I'm awake and there's a nice 10 in the morning game to play on a Saturday. But for the second time this week, registration opens for the league game, but won't refresh itself. I sure hope the 36 people who it shows having registered have a good tournament. I hope, and am pretty sure, more than 36 got signed up, but I don't know what I have to do to get in. 100 megs a second internet line. Tested at 34ms of ping, holding steady at 90 megs download, 5 megs upload. Everything else on my computer working fine. I'm going to assume it's the registration servers not keeping up. But you would think, if I click to register, seconds after it opens, it's not full yet, I should get in. Fix this please, it's rather annoying. I can't be the only person this happens to.

I'll have to try again at the 2PM game I guess, doesn't seem to be much I can do about it. Other than that, since finishing 137th earlier in the week, I've not had a finish that resulted in a negative score in the standings. That's a good thing, I've moved up to 675th, and 500th doesn't seem that out of the question anymore. But it's rather cautious poker, I'll admit. Would be nice to build a real stack in one of these games and actually make it to the last few tables, but the opportunities don't seem to be there and I'm not willing to risk early finishes and a tumble down the standings.