I guess it would have be better to start this at the beginning of the month, but better late than never. Just came off my best finish of the month in the Open League games, 137th place. I suppose that's not too bad, but can't help but think my pair of pocket jacks should not have lost to someone betting for two filler cards for his straight, and getting them. Well, that's poker I guess, I bet what's in my hand, not what I hope I'll get. Some people bet what they hope they'll get, and occasionally get lucky. There's a bit of consolation in the fact I usually end up ahead of those folks in the standings.

Now, my philosophy, is to simply defend my stack. That means I fold a lot early, even with decent hands, unless I see the table is a bit hesitant to bet or raise. One thing that will put you in a miserable mood fast until the next tournament, is getting suckered into going All In, early and losing to some guy who was all in with a 6-4 off suite and got two 4's on the flop to your A-K. Yeah, it ain't fair, but it's gonna happen. So when the bets get more than 4 times larger than the big blind, I'll generally just back out and wait for the next hand. All you need to do, in these poker tournaments, to get League standing points, is survive. Get two good hands where someone else went all in, and win them, and you're already close to being in the top 10% of finishers if you simply defend your stack. But of course, we want to do better than that, don't we? But above all, we want to survive. It's not the biggest stack that wins, it's the last stack. Having a big stack, just makes your job a hell of a lot easier, but it also means you can get reckless. I generally wait for the All In bingo players to finish killing each other off, hard as it is to resist going after them sometimes.