Had been playing a few on-line MTT tourneys with mixed success,as well as Sit and Go's.Deciced to play in a satellite to qualify for the Red Spade tourney,2nd hand on the button dealt pkt Q,guy UTG goes all-in,dude in cut off calls as i do,cut off donk shows 4,8 unsuited under the gun shows A,9 unsuited flop comes 10 A 8 oh well i'm beaten i can deal with that,turn is a 4 river is a 4!,donk catches a set,and you wonder why players are leaving in droves,whats the go with your software!,would'nt mind so much if this was a rarity,but it happens too much.Sadly this site which i used to enjoy playing on is rapidly doing a Full Tilt,would love to hear what other players think,i realise you have bad beats,but when the bad beats become the rule rather then the exception,i seriously ask myself whats the use in playing!