After passing my Basic,Core and SNG courses decided to put what i had learned into a $1.10 MTT tourney number 425010257,played very tight early when blinds were small and only ran with premium cards or raised 4 times BB if i was on button and all players had folded.Continuing in this vain after 5 hours found myself 25th of 3404 original entrants,had $650,000 in chips and was 3rd overall in chips big stack had $720,000 and 2nd had $680,000 so it was pretty close.2nd stack had been playing loose and running nearly every hand, i was dealt AKh,blinds were $5 and $10,000,raised to $80,000 and was called by him as he was BB,flop came A,10,K and he raised to $200,000, i pushed all in figuring best he could have was A,10,had followed his play closely,and whenever he had a pkt pr.he would push all in pre-flop when in position,so i didn't think he had a set.Needless to say he turned over QJo,was this a bad beat or should i have played differently.Again thank you for the much needed schooling,would have been knocked out much earlier,if it was'nt for the Poker Stars,information is priceless