Hi players,please bear with me,as it is my first blog.Like most players,even though i have been playing poker for many years i am relatively new to on-line Texas Hold 'Em,for two years i have been "playing" what i believed to be adequate poker.But after signing up for Poker School,and by just following the core basics as set down my game has gone to another level!.Needless to say i am now embracing all couses available,i played in two tournaments today 6/17/2011 and won entry into my target tourneys,one satellite had 90 runners and paid entry down to 6th place,in which i finished 3rd,and the other was a$12,000 SNG in which i finished 16th,the time taken by the Poker Stars pros. in compiling these lessons,is fantastic.By following the simple rules, position, evaluating outs hidden and open,playing tight,and hand value as well as possible max. and minimum pot odds,i know now when i bet the impact one can bring to a table,if you are aware of your hands worth,and can read your oppossition.I realise there will always be bad beats,but if i can continue to progress the way i'm learning,those beats will be a thing of the past,now i get my money in with best hand and hope for the best,many thanks again.Choppers396