So this blog has now become the creative outlet that will allow me to track my growth in this hobbie i have decided to pick up. Like a journal i will log as much of my thoughts and comments about my growth as a player and hopefully i can look back on it and see leaps and bounds in my skill.

My dream is to make it to a big tournment and get to a final table. Just being able to sit and play with skilled players and to hold my own will validate all the hard work i put in. 

I hope to blog about my PSO Tourny results with hands are not worthy being able to cash in on the active player at the end of the month would be great and would work wonders on my bankroll at Pokerstars. 

The month of May has been just a like spring a month of renewed engery and passion. I have decided to pick up playing poker again to pass the time. I work fulltime so this is just a hobbie in which i can excercise my mind by reading books and use the skills learned to improve critical analysis skills. Just i understand that poker is also about luck but lets minimize that factor by making good decisions so that i am ahead with every hand i am in. 

I have played in a few PSO tournaments and have done fairly poorly. i will definitly put more effort into doing well in April when the rating are reset again.

So good luck to the rest of the players in the league i am gunning for the top spot in April.