Hi guys,



It has been a long time since I submitted a blog as I didnt really see as I had much to offer any of you lol, well anyway a few weeks ago I won my first PSO bracelet this really gave me some confidience in what I have been doing is actually working. (I dont know where I am in my game as of yet but always trying to improve.)


This is a recording of a final table I made in an 82c turbo on 8/7/14, (With music.)


You will notice a few things about the table, mainly my hud features that are hidden unless "floated over" My hud is a basic PSO hud developed some time ago by ahar010 with a few added features.  The main thing you may notice is a largish number in the top left of the screen which is my current "M" gicing me my health in the tourney and the number is how many rotations I can survive before I am blinded out. There are also a few steal stats (some I am still working on)


5 handed I had an "M" of 4 9bb Ac8d in the cut off I open jammed to make the most of any fold equity, The bb called all in with 7h7d  for his tourney life and I had a good run out winning putting me second in chips.

We got down to 4 handed and discussed a deal this failed we played on and I think I became more confident short handed in position making steals and stacking off, 

When we were 3 handed I just had to take my spots for agression in turn and in reply to my opposition. reading the noted my hud had taken, there was a spot I almost took a shove with Q 10cl but into 2 players I was risking my tourney life, but then I was offered to call all in with AJs weeeeee............ er nope chopped pot  (Not everyone loves them Joe!)

"M" = 4 really tight I am almost crippled and need to pick a spot now or hope they take each other out.  I had a pr 4s from the button I open jammed my meagre stack both folded,  (steal effective)


"M" = 5 I was bb withthe now crippled ajhs1959 min raising me my only option was shovong back (had he open jammed my blind I could have considdered folding to protect my stack but the min raise was just sooooo weak looking not to at least try to take my advantage and so shoved over he called with worse luckily ut again another chop !


"M" = 5 sb AcKh Never folding this here "LETS GET IT INNNNN!!!!!" 

The big blind called a 2 way all in after tanking with AJs and I held hitting  4 flush cards on the board WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Sorry for the early celibration but this was almost like winnning and I was now in a really strong position)


My "M" is now 13 and I was the chip leader by a good stretch and I have played and railed some h/u in the past as this is where the most is made !

I was the button with 9 7 os I am raising wide here as this is a good hand to be opened it can flop well and we have "THE POSITION OF POWER" (the button lol) I min raised and he folded.

The next and final hand is the Mighty Kh5h and the button open jammed. My thoughts here are I can call here with what I perceve to be a hand that is definately good enough to take the risk of winning this with risking only half of my stack so I called.


The vilian turned over 4d5d and the board ran out in my favour and I won the 1st place I wanted sooo badly.


I hope this vid is a help to anyone in even a small way I can only say that these skills (if thats what gave me the win) I got here in PSO and I thank you all for making this a great place to learn and be a part of.


gl in your games


Check out the video and leave and comments please.