Hi Guys,      


I thought I should update my blog as I have been reading a lot of yours and I have a few things I would like to talk about.  I have been running quite well just lately and have had one or two final tables in the past months which have increased my confidence no end, Im not sure as yet if I played well or ran well but I think it would be a combination of both.

I am happy to announce I have bought the small stakes version of PT4 for $99.99 for NLHE and Omaha, although I do play NLHE I hope to move into Omaha someday lol.  I have had a lot of problems with my pc which tho have been very frustrating on the whole has ment I have had to do a lot of maintinence and a lot of reformats and rebuilding of hardware and software etc so I was forced to use er a few trials .

I have dropped back to playing some 9 mans rather that the $3.50 18 mans more through trying to cut my playing time to increase my quality,  although I have moved up my buy ins from $3.50 to $7 regular speed and will be taking occasional shots at the $15 9 mans too (bankroll permitting),  the reasoning also behind my choice to drop back to the 9 mans id because I have been focussing more on my h/u game and I have gained greater reads and positional awareness, indoing I feel I can compete at the higher buy ins! I will be moving back into MTT's as I build my br further.


I have been focussing more too on smaller buy in MTT's I have final tabled the hot 55c 4 or 5 times now and really like playing the turbo ones. (tbh the quality isnt great and that is in our favour !),  I also took Felix's advice from one of his classes and tried the $2.20 zoom I final tabled it on my second attempt so as you could probably tell I'm hooked lmao,  there are a few that run but the one I chose starts at 20.45 daily and is a good introduction to a zoom tournament with a small buy in, there is a good mix of players so if we stick to good A.B.C. poker we can do quite well I think.


As some of you may know a little over a year ago sort of out of my frustration in playing in the micro'sand smaller buy in MTT's (and loosing in them lol) and wanting as we all do to play with the pro's at a higher level. ( This came from an accidental registration I made not long after I first started playing the hot 55c, I missregged into the hot $55 and found myself on the same table as uhhmeee, Lex Veldhuis and counless other pros)

I asked in the forums if any guys might be interested in forming a group to share buy-ins and take shots at some of the higher buy in games available in the poker scene, one of the guys Devprasad60 from Germany messaged me and we put together a sort of plan talked a lot and asked a lot of people (although not enough) for ideas and to see if they might be interested in our idea, well to cut a long story short we started "The Bankroll Co-op !" and set up a homegame group in which we combined pennies (well $1 each to begin with) and played among ourselves for the combined ammount to play in some of the Sunday Bigger tournaments, you can see what we do here:




Well the weekly game started getting a bit of attention and we soon built into a good group of what I now call good friends, we play together, rail each other and talk over differnet spots or hands we have played, some of the big and sometimes bad laydowns or calls we have made in our Skype group, just search us and add us if your interested in finding out more. (Y)


See you on the tables and glgl