It has been quite an up and down few months but I have continued to try building my game and working around the constant rise and fall of my poker experience and trying to manage it into a positive experience.



what im working on is cutting my play as i am bleeding buy ins because I am overly tired or tilting through my obsession with playing.


My take on poker is this: -


Poker is the challenge !  Its playing a game of chess against 9 people at once while tryng to do open heart surgery in a dark room with no help or advice you can truly accept or understand until you either got it in bad and cracked a monster or got it in good and got cracked by the "Villians Genius play !" (e*x*p*l*e*t*i*v*e*!) lol



If im tired then the villian got lucky !

if that happens I will tilt and i try in tilt to win it back.

Its a vicious circle that needs control and perfection.


Dont get me wrong I am not in any way a degenerate gambler as that statement may in fact represent. But I am a well rounded individual with a deep seated need to improve and try to master something as intriguing as this game we all love and hate lol. 


I want a few things:


1.  I like to win and want to win everytime I play. (As we all do! a loosing session is the worst ! )

2. I need to understand constantly where I was and where I am going.


3. I need to figure out just where I am going!


If anyone reads this let me know by like-ing it or posting a reply, my biggest reason for not blogging as much is that I doubt anyone would be interested in anyting I have to say but I'm pretty sure it is because of my state of mind and we "why would you be interested?"