I have really had trouble writing a blog lol i think its because I don’t know if what I would write will/would be interesting to anyone, well here goes.
I have my challenge locked in and I am hoping to make it to platinum star this year, I had no idea how to go about this but I am just getting to grips this month with actually keeping my silver star status and moving on from there.
The biggest difficulty I had was finally making the realisation that with 3 days to go I still needed almost 100vpp's lol then with one day to go I threw all bankroll management out of the window to play some 25+ sng in 6 hours, it was quite a difficult period I can tell you and certainly don’t advise it for anyone.

I am looking forward to and hopefully will get the chance to compete for some of the scoop tickets on offer as part of the blogger championship of online poker and maybe even take some of the tourneys down we shall see, also I wish everyone luck that take part but keep out of my way and we wont be having any problems lmao.

One of the problems I had this month was keeping my bankroll on an even upward swing and manage which games to play successfully while railing my favourite players and trying as ever to improve my game in the hope of making this work.

I get a lot of mixed responses from friends and relatives when they ask what I do with my time and I tell them I am trying to become an online poker player, at first they are a little sceptical until they know a little more.  I feel it is worth it though explaining that poker is actually a game of skill not luck, about the maths involved and even the positives I have experienced including making interesting friends in poker in England and all over the world, hearing about where they are from and where they want to go and where they have been and hearing about some fantastic places and sharing experiences we have all had in poker, I mean come-on we have all had our aces cracked by a player that was p****** us off and we thought we finally had them when they flipped the 5’s over and revered a third one. lol

I also belong to a Skype Group where we chat about hand we have been involved in and upcoming tournaments, plans and expectations and news about favourite players or games, it will be a good thing if we manage to achieve half of what we want to and are more than capable of and I look forward to being part of not just our shared future but the future of the unrealised potential that such a thing as poker can bring.  I feel that the US market is limiting their online players a huge development line both socially and figuratively that may take years to catch up but I look forward to meeting and chatting with them as soon as they can finally get back into the game.

Glgl see you out there.