Well guys it been quite a week where quite a lot has happened, for one my "Bankroll Vault Challenge" has started and I am aiming high guys.




I am going to attempt to make it to platinum star accruing along the way the VIP rewards and grinding out the 18mans hopefully make it.


A few nights ago one of my pals sattied into one of the TCOOP events and wasnt to play the actual game and so he found he had a reasonable amount sat in his acount in t$ and decided he was going to play Spaegravy at h/u cash table.  I was watching and will post more details as I am trying to get the HH and hopefully put a few hands up with what happened.


I have been playing regulally the 18 mans and getting some good successI will be posting my results as I move through.


I would like to wish everyone the best for this (almost) new year and hope you get what you wished for.