I watch a lot of video's and so was a little unsure as for which one to write a review on.  I decided to start at the begining as we should really.



The video I would like to tell you all about is my first ever hand review by Dave (TheLangolier). It was  maybe a few months after I had started in PSO and was getting frustrated having blown through 2 re-loads and wanted to complete "The Cowboys Challenge" in the forum and had written to Dave and he suggested sending a hand history for his critique.


As I had started with the minimum stack ammount I was trying to play the 10c 360 mans.


The vidoe was a good part of finding out that what I had been experiencing was not normal poker and it was time to move out of the 10c 360 mans and into a different level and so moved up to the 25c 90 mans. Within 3 months or so I had built my bankroll to over $100 from $8.


As I watched the video: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Live-Training-Video-TheLangolier-Member-Review-10c-360-man-f-chillipops-19th-March-2012

I was cracking a smile and the video shows you that the two or three months that I had spent banging my head off the wall at the play just NOT BEING POKER FROM THE SCHOOL !


I watch lots of videos from the pro's and to the ones from the ecxellent teaching staff at PSO, long may it continue