Well we have played our 3rd qualifier tonight and it went really well ! We had  total of 13 players playing for the combined satellite tickets which was excellent  


While we were playing we started railing one of the groups players andrewj50050 as he was playing in the $27 knockout and ran all the way to 8th for a really good cash and I found it really helped the group  form all railing one of our own.  It really was excellent


In the group is a player too called labs22 and after the qualifiing game (I finished 5th) we started chatting in the Skype group and labs told me about a group he belonged to playing and teaching H/U and asked me if I would like to join.


I have tried a few times playing head up and been to quite a few classes and as with most things in poker I am open to it so I said "Yes Please"

And so i was introduced to sverigelottn and the Team Suited Air.Group and asked to join their Skype group.  I had heard of sverigelottn but had no idea where from??  Well we started to chat and I said "Hi" to the groups various members.


I remembered sverigelottn from a H/U class with HORROR77 and so I am really intriged as to if they can help me improve.