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Well the second week of the Bankroll Co-operative started not too well with a schedeuling error but was just a small hiccup and really nothing to worry over, We have started a Skype chat group and we also open a play money cash table for all the players too chat.


The first run of the Qualifier had to be reset as we had made the qualifier in the wrong format :O but it wasnt long before we had it sorted and underway (Y)


This week we had 14 players all enrolled and ready to compete for the combined prize pool of $14 the winners were:

1. PINOY_HITMAN  $2.20 Sunday Storm 36 man  2 ticket's

 one $1.10 Sunday Storm 45 man satellite 1 ticket total $5.50 


2. mjb7760             $2.20 Sunday Storm 36 man  1 ticket
one 1.10 S---1 ticket  total $3.30

3. DiveALLIn           $2.20 Sunday Storm 36 man 1 ticket= $2.20 

4. andrew50050      $1.10 Sunday Storm Satellite 45 man ticket
5. craig121212        $1.10 Sunday Storm Satellite 45 man ticket
6. weaselBasher     $1.10 Sunday Storm Satellite 45 man ticket

7. chillipops           55c Bigger $5.50 satellite


Everyone played well! But this week we didn't achieve our goal of someone playing in a bigger buy in tournement, but for the second week I think we formed bridges, made introductions and learned a little about or fellow group members.  We seem a good group with a huge range of experience and capabilities.


We have also started usiing a play money cash table for group chat and also Skype with some good banter (Y)


If you like the sound of what we are doing and would like to find out more please follow the link:




I also run The Hot/Hotter 55c cChallenge see details here:




Thanks for reading guys  (Take it down !)