Hi Guys,           


As some of you may know I set a "Last Longer Challenge" in The Hot/Hotter 55c where we play each other within the tourney and we all send The Longer Lasting player $1.


  Please see here:



Well now  I have started to put together my next venture:   


The Bankroll Co-op!


The basic idea is that a group of players pool resorces and play in bigger and better games, learning and improving as we go, also building and pooling together.


What we do:


In the first instance we all put $1 into a pot.  We then use the combined pot for satellite tickets.  (this is for all ! as some have little or no Bankroll yet !)


Between the group we decide which tournements we will be targeting and we play a Home Game to decide which players get which tickets. 


We have outlined plans that will enable players within the group to compete for tickets into almost all of the Sunday Tournies and aim eventually to offer a route to even play in the Sunday Million for as little as 





Let me know what you think and please take a look by following the links above.


Thanks a lot,