Well as some may know me from the school I have been attending classes for maybe 7 months now after I won a ticket into the 10th Aniversery Million via freeroll I thought I had better find out if it was pure luck or if I could actually play.  I have been gringing my way through different micro levels and following the superb training we get for free in the PokerSchool, Ive had a few wins in sit n go's and play them regulally.

I'd just like to add Ive just won my second 10c $50 added (Kindly) by PokerStars, for a whopping $37.77. Not a bad return for a 10c buy in, if youve not played these they're well worth the time and effort.

My thanks must go to the team at Pokerschool tho they are an excellent collection of time served and reletivly new in comparisson players that offer the perfect mix of advice and gaming practice, Truley phenominal.

If I could offer any advice:  If your game is no limit hold em(as most start there) join the rest of the classes too, the combined experience and learning that is on tap here is in my mind the best you could hope to recieve !