I havent played this before but after showing up for every game and playing and finally making it in to the top 50 for playoffs I can say how disappointing they were. There was no control over entries so people were playing from day 1 , had no idea why and couldnt cared less. So it was hard to get through that as there were a number of players who were there  in the spirit of the competition. Next the tables for everybody were never even close to equal for team against team , terrible set up. At one time tonight I was with 9 members of the opposite team , what do you think the word gang up on means and it happened to many other players as well . The way the points were set up by the time we got to the third playoff game CR had no incentive to play and you can tell by the score they just basically quit and handed the game over. Winning isnt everything but FAIRNESS to everyone is important and I believe Pokerstars could have done a much better job with this. Also to all the people who didnt show up and all the ones who did but came with the me first attitude and knocked out your own team early , you really need to think about what a team is, it isnt a me me me. Wether you get knockouts or dont its a team effort and it showed very much tonight that many do no know what the word means. Anyway just my feelings and good luck to whoever ends up winning.