For the amount of time I have been going to , should, might, maybe I will , I finally made some time and effort, and put it into playing sattelites for the micromillions promo this year. I have registered and will be playing all of the following games AND I promised myself not, NOT to cash out one single tournament dollar. I am so surprised at the small amount of money I have spent to get into so many great games.

So far I am in and going to play:Event #24 (15k) 

                                                    Event #28 (40k)

                                                    Event #42 (50k)

                                                    Event #76 (20k)

                                                    Event #97 (300k)

                                                    Event #38 (15k)

                                                    Event #98 (1mil)

Best of all I still have a bankroll to go for more, so the goal now is to get into any horse, stud hi lo and omaha hi lo I can , assuming there are some listed.  


This is going to be fun I think and its about time I played some of these. Good luck to everyone in all the upcomming tournaments. Make a million.