December 15th I cleaned out my Pokerstars account, not one penny left.  Its been a long time coming, and when I got so bored with poker that I no longer cared if I won or lost or even played anymore I had to make a decision. I have always been a very self challenged person and the challenge for me was gone. Nothing I looked at  , tournaments, sngs, cash tables nothing got me with that kick ass feeling I used to have.  But in every situation there is a good part and a bad, you just have to find it, the bad part is I now had no money to play with, the good far outweighs any of this though. The first two freerolls I entered cashed in 46th out of 30,000, and the other was just as deep. I found myself very disiplined  (cause I have to be) and playing better poker than I have in a long time, better decisions, more patience, and a need to succeed. Its going to be a long road back but I think in the interm this is exactly what I needed to get back on track and really get something out of nothing. BTW I have 5 bucks now, I ll see how I am a month from now.