EEK The end of another month!! This month was better than the last, the cards were good and actually held their own. I got back the 80 bux I dropped muddling through .... plus some , so all is well. i didnt have time to play in the Premier League with all the other the other promos happening . So I think Ill go back to the original on that one, just play the Open League evey 2nd month and not worry about it. Play more of the monthly series as well if I have time, too many games ,Cash games to keep the vpps up, Series games, Open League games, Poker study and then that Leagues games. MTTs I like to play, geez getting time to make a list or date book. Dates with  STARS woo hoo!!!

I did notice my avatar, is being used by another, just to let you know I  charge rent!!! My crystal ball is bigger than yours and I have hexed you. lmao