I was on a down swing for the past 3 weeks, so last ticket I had (the only) ticket I had was for the $22 Main Event. I entered in about half hour after it started, picked up a few chips right away and then that was it until the 3 hour registration was over. I was now sitting with 2k more than I started with and the oh no here we go again feeling. No cards for me, I think I managed 2 steals and a bluff, maybe 5 good hands total  to keep my head abover water finally I can see ITM in sight and I just chipped up nicely to 32k so no problem. Wanna bet... this is poker!!! I no sooner see its my big blind and I have a hand yippeeeeeeeeeeeee QQ , this is gonna do it!!!. Wanna bet....... Pokerstars has disconnected and Im watching everything go to ............. and yes it was Pokerstars not my computer all was well except for this site, I come back on and see 10k missing grrrrrrrrrrrr but we almost can touch ITM. Nope not yet we need to disconnect for a second time, and then a third and then finally we make ITM yessssssss, and my computer is still intact. Now after sweating aces and bullets of course cards are on the way insta 40k in my hand and this is good. Nope thats all folks not another card. So gotta be grateful the ticket was free and the min cash was good and all is well. And the downward spiral is seemingly changing course.