Well I have spent yesterday and today going over bet sizing videos etc etc. Have 2 more WBCOOP tickets left and am so disappointed in me., I just cant get past the players who are playing under the guise of "who cares" its free. I win some tickets like the recent promo gave out and its a great opportunity to me and many others  but to some nothing. I hope to see at least one or two of the regular PSO players in the finals and would love to see one of them take it down. What will be will be with the last 2 tickets, gonna polish up Magdas ball and  maybe the cards will come and the shove monkeys will disappear. Actually I have had very very good cards just some awful beats, outstanding some of them. So we will get our big girl panties on and goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE especially Effsea in his quest with Talonchick, LMAO!!!