I can't just write about one outstanding moment at Pokerstars there are too many years too account for and far too many instances that stand out and deserve honorable mention. Some are funny , some are sad some you just have to shake your head and do a face palm. And most of them are , almost all have very little do with poker, but have everything to do with why alot of us keep coming back everyday.


I remember the funniest avatar I ever saw, about four or five years ago a box of tampax came flapping through the air, and plopped itself on our table. It never played , it never spoke a word, but the table was in absolute chaos, the conversation and the joking going on at that table still makes me laugh today. That avatar was funny, original and a great icebreaker and it was never to be seen again, don't know why. LOL

I remember, I'll call her Mrs. Jones who had just found out Mr. Jones was up to no good at the poker tables. She had his account and she was very angry, she was also very generous with Mr. Jones account and made sure everyone knew why. Another hysterically funny night at Pokerstars. She had herself a blast, fortunately this was way back when we all were still playing with playchips.

I remember a brand new player, or someone very dense, he came to our table and I see in the chat, "CHILLI" I said yes, He says when I talk to you can anyone else see? I thought for a few minutes and says, no. He says, If I tell you what I have can you help me, I dont know what to do. Im dying laughing at this point and I see in the chat," I have the ace of clovers." Well that was it for me, my sides were aching, my eyes were crying, and I had no ability to play cards. Fortunately another play table.

I remember a very friendly homicide detective, he thought the poker table was a giant serving platter for girls. He never for a moment thought his wife would be "overseeing" the dinner from her computer and he totally fogot her second car was a broom.  The "cop" didnt stay long either but the memory lingers.  His wife did return to let us all know that his life as a "cop" was over and he was back to being a salesman for a gas additive. 

Then there are all the people I came to know and formed life long friendships with, some I have met in person. Some were just here for awhile,one young man 24 years old, a newbie, dying with a brain tumor, spent his final 3 months reading Doyles book on poker and struggling everyday to attain 1 million play chips. He got both done 3 days before he died. Some are working through hard times, and some are here just for the love of the game. A few learning the game so well they moved on ........ For all of the above reasons and so many more I will always consider the social side of Pokerstars the best of all.