I hope everyone who put their goals for this year in the time vault attains them , unfortunately I am not in the nose bleed section of  poker so our/my goals were much smaller but I do have an end result in  mind.

My first month went accordin to plan, I played more fixed limit stud at the 10/20 level and did well both in vpps and gaining not losing any of my bankroll. Goal here is to move up to the next level 25/50 everytime I make enough profit on the 10/20 to back me, so will play both levels til Im comfortable and keep ladder climbing as I go. Odd that play so much Holdem for tourament play  and yet love playing Stud hi/lo ring games for cash.

I also am making a determined effort to play less tournaments but the ones I do play with more patience and consider more of the information ,study and  work that has gone into my game by myself and others .Alot of times it takes awhile to incorporate what you learn into your own game so it makes sense. Trying to do exactly what the book says or joe blow is teaching you  has really messed me up sometimes, incorporation is the key. Dont throw the baby out with the bathwater!!!

Goal for this month is to carry on with the vpps and stud, play all my tournaments in a calm manner (tall  order) especially the Open Skill League which I am  going to play this month and maybe give the Premier another go.