Well today was a crazy day, I had razz and shouldve gone with my first thought. Take the day off and get out of Dodge!!  I even had tell tale signs very early this was going to be one of those days.

My first tournament , my first hand I got the AA. The guy to my right is all in and Im thinking well buddy I have as good as you and lets dance. Yup I did he had AA too.

Second hand same tournament I have J10 diamonds the flop is Q8diamonds and 4of whatever, the guy to my right pushes all in , the rest fold  around to the guy on my left he pushes all in, Imma thinking again what?? Well turn comes garbage, river comes and its a diamond YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Nope , all 3 of us have 2 diamonds in the hole. All in a row.

Second tournament my AK was beat with AQ and that was that.

Third tournament was the Razz Series of Poker, yup I was the purse at the table doling out the bring ins. 78 hands and 3 playable, knew where that was going, the outhouse for sure. .

Fourth tournament of the day Razz Series of Poker and yup we be the purse again and back in the outhouse again, cant win em all I guess, the good news is there is more games tommorrow and more cards to see.:-?

You can polish bird chit as long as you want but you wont get chicken salad out of it , time to go read.