Yesterday I was in my PSO tournament and we were getting close to ITM, when this person across the table asked the large chip stack to double her up so she could make ITM. She was in 30th position on the leaderboard at that time. He agreed and told her , that on her next BB this would happen. I almost jumped through my screen I was so excuse me, god dammed mad. I dont know how to post hands or i would have but it was on table 60 game #52890283125 and game #52890730167 same table. I mentioned collusion and the big chip stack backed off, but not before this person commented "how do you think I got here?"  Someone commented that if she played good enough poker , she wouldnt need chips. Justice was served though she lost before ITM and a few more losses  later in the day.  If this is the skill part of being at the top, believe me I'll never get there, personal pride and satisfaction in my own accomplishments are more meaningful, win or lose than this type of PRO will ever be. And yes I did write your names down, but I'll leave that alone unless I see it again.