Irish Chadwick's Poker League Series (PLS) - Monthly Series Rankings (play to cash prizes)

Monthly Prizes and Rankings - April 2011 (*due to change each month)
1. $5.00 Poker Stars Cash Prize + $2.20 Main Event Ticket May 2011
2. $2.00 Poker Stars Cash Prize + $2.20 Main Event Ticket May 2011
3. $1.00 Poker Stars Cash Prize + $2.20 Main Event Ticket May 2011
4. $0.25 Poker Stars Cash Prize
5. $0.10 Poker Stars Cash Prize

The rules of this series are simple. The point system is based on a monthly ranking, in which there will be 16 Series Events. Each month may include different promo tourneys, and extra bonus for certain players. Of the 16 Series Events, they will all be Play Chip buy-in, but the points will count towards the monthly rankings. There will be much to offer, and many new players joining. To join the club in the middle of a series doesn't mean you can not win prizes, or play in the monthly main event. Please spread the word, and get as many new players as you can to join. All the club ask is that you play respectful, play hard, play to have fun, and enjoy the company of other club members.

I plan to add more prize money, tickets, promos, freerolls, and much more as the club grows. Many sponsors will be helping with the prizes, and promos so keep checking in for updates on that. Also there will be bonus prizes offered to those who refer members, but you must manually email me to verify this action. In the future iTunes Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Cash Prizes, Poker Stars Tourney Buy Ins, and much more will be coming. Please I ask again, spread the word as much will be given in return.

Cheers Mates, and Fellow Poker Players....
Irish Chadwick

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