So I made it to the Premier Skill League for September by placing 60th in the Premier Skill League Qualifier Leaderboard last month. I was crazy happy and really excited to play in the Premier Skill League until I actually played in the first tourney and felt a different kind of nervous.

I was expecting the field to be similar to that of the Premier Skill League Qualifier, and it was, to some extent, but with so much tighter and solid players. I did quite well in my first game, finishing 65th out of 311 (not in the money, but got me points), and also somehow in my second game, finishing 96th out of 400, but in my third game, I messed up a LOT.

I played too tight at some parts, missing out on big hands, and too aggressive at others, losing many chips from failed bluffs.

Right after a bad bad play, I was left really short-stacked with AJo and called an all-in push from a player who had me covered and lost to AKo, busting out 274th out of 396.

It was probably my worst-played tournament so far.

I feel frustrated, because I know that at this point, I should already be playing so much better than this. My performance in the Premier Skill League Qualifier was very consistent. I played 10 tourneys, and got positive points for 8, getting in the money in 6 of the 10, and making it to the final table twice, finishing in 6th and 4th place.

When I started playing in the Premier Skill League though, I had what they call first time jitters, perhaps because, it is, after all, my first time to play in the league. And the jitters got the better of me. I suddenly found myself playing in the same way that I had when I was just starting.

My play was so embarrassing, I guess some players have already marked me as a donk.

Gotta find a way to shake off these jitters and get back on track.