We were approaching the bubble of the TWITTER 100,000 FOLLOWERS Freeroll when I got my best starting hand in the tournament so far:  . The players UTG and UTG+1 had folded and the player to my right, who has been loose aggressive and has me covered, raised to 3BB. I pushed all-in and he called with  . It was not quite the hand I was expecting, as I've seen this player raise with as bad as 94o. My pair held up until the turn, but the river card was an ace. I busted out of the tournament at 3551st place (2700 paid, and I was around 2000th out of 3500+ before the hand). It literally made me cry.


It has been quite a while since I've made such an impatient all-in move. For some reason, the excitement for the chance to double up took over my head. It's really frustrating. I knew exactly what to do. I told myself to just fold the hands away and to wait until a few hundred players fall out, but totally lost it upon being dealt with such a tempting starting hand.

Times like these make me realize that I'm still quite far from the player I want to become someday. Yes, I've gone through the courses and have most of the basic strategies already instilled in my mind, but it might really take a lot more practice (perhaps a few more months or even years) to fully incorporate these strategies in my plays.